We’re Getting Pretty Good At It

Throwing cheese puffs at one another’s face that is.

My most recent birthday gift was an everlasting supply of cheese puffs. 1 pound and 6 ounces to be exact. They were of course in reference to the office.

So there’s that.

Needless to say, with so many cheese puffs at my disposal I have mastered the art of throwing them in the air and catching them in my mouth.

I have shared the barrel filled with the cheesy snack with about 10 friends and still I have barely made a dent in them. And of course I felt it necessary to create art with them.

If I could somehow get these to impoverished nations I think I could help with the hunger problem.

I’m sure I can find more uses for cheese puffs. I’m just not sure what yet.

Thank you Kaitlynn! This gift proves that you are truly the best.


One response to “We’re Getting Pretty Good At It

  1. I think it’s time for a new post. Jump on it!

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