Pi π

I love pie. All types of pie. Pumpkin, apple, pecan, with ice cream, with whipped cream. Any form, any flavor.

Usually from October to December I make quite a few pies. Because it is the fall season and my name is Autumn I decorate accordingly with leaves.


Here’s a tip: before baking the pie brush the crust with egg whites. It gives it a golden shine. For the leaves’ colours I just used food colouring.



2 responses to “Pi π

  1. This could be the cutest pie I have ever seen!

  2. What a wonderful pie you have baked and decorated there! Just a minor tip, though this could have been a simple typo. I think you might have meant to type use an “egg yolk” instead of “egg white” as the first pie I ever made was a solo job in an empty house based on an old 50’s cook book that I was trying to follow while using Jiffy pie crust mix. I did the exact same criss-cross style of strips of dough, and I brushed them with egg whites thinking I could keep them from looking too brown in case I accidentally burnt the pie.

    When it came out it was really shiny but pale! I went from avoiding giving the pie a sun burn to slathering it with sun tan lotion! From that pie on I have correctly used an egg yolk wash and they always come out looking spectacular (even if they don’t always taste that way at least I’ve bribed the eyes of my family to have a piece!)

    I will have to use that food coloring technique of yours, the colors are quite vivid and you can control it much easier than just sprinkling on decorations.

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