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…I know, really uninspired.

An almond slice with a key drawn on it. Yay keys.


Memories In A Bottle

Okay, so this post doesn’t directly involve food. It is however, food related in that I had to consume many beverages in order to get the empty bottles I used for this DIY project.

Every birthday and Christmas there is always that one person who gives you a picture frame. On your graduation day- picture frame, wedding day- picture frame, house warming- picture frame. To be honest I hate picture frames most of the time, they’re boring and take up too much wall and desk space.

My solution for the frame problem came in glass bottles.

Constructing these require no skill whatsoever. Buy a mason jar or soda, eat/drink contents, wash and dry the container, print a picture, roll it up and drop it in.

Holiday Treats For The Eyes And Taste Buds

Holidays for my family are an excuse to eat and eat… and eat. All of our traditions revolve around cooking, decorating and eating festive sweets.

For thanksgiving every year those who are lucky enough to dine with me received a pie decorated and baked by myself. This year’s was a mixed berry pie with multicoloured lattice-work and the mathematical symbol for Pi.

Now for the Christmas cookie tradition; many have consumed these cookies but few have participated in the actual decorating. I’m always very proud of my decorated gingerbread men. In the past I’ve constructed zombies, ninjas and pop stars out of dough and frosting. This year, along with Angel, Kaitlynn and our mothers, I went more for the theme of (as Angel would say) “Christmas threw up”.