In The Summer Time

I’ll be the first person to admit that they hate summer weather. That does NOT mean I hate summer.

Summer is super. It’s the perfect time of year for kayaking, beach, river, hiking, camping and snow cones… and I love all these things.

See? Camping. Also sweet potatoes. I must go through phases with foods. First it was grapefruit then peanut butter then honey and now sweet potatoes.

When it gets too hot I can just stay indoors and paint.

One more lovely thing about summer, it’s far too warm for jeans so I can wear dresses practically every day.

The picture to the left is before.

I semi-sew this dress, I cheated by using the skirt of an old dress.

One last treat for your ears and eyes:


4 responses to “In The Summer Time

  1. I love your sweet potatoe campsite! It is so cool and creative and the dress is super cute. Love it!

  2. Thanks! hopefully I’ll get to be in a real campsite soon.

  3. My sister is another person who isn’t afraid to proclaim her disgust for summer weather ;] Right when spring hits and a humid breeze splashes on her face, she’ll shudder and curse the skies. That’s some really neat stuff with the sweet potatoes!

  4. Your sister sounds like a smart gal!

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