A Time To Tan

Pale, fair-skinned, delicate, porcelain, glow-in-the-dark, pasty, whatever you want to call it, it’s what I am.

Every summer while everyone else’s skin is dropping a few shades after an hour of sun exposure. While mine shows barely any change in colour after a week at the beach.

It’s fine, I accept it. While the rest of you beautiful people have wrinkles and skin cancer in ten years I’ll be the one mocking you for not wearing the SPF 70 sunscreen made for infants.

While on the subject of beautiful people, my grandmother’s birthday is today. Happy birthday Gammy!  For her birthday I painted a picture of her from an old black and white photograph.

I’ve got to say, Gammy was a babe. And I adore her dress, it’s so cute.

This isn’t oil on masonite like the rest of my paintings, it’s acrylic on canvas.


2 responses to “A Time To Tan

  1. Encrazed Crafts

    Lovely painting! Accurate yet with your own style, nicely done.

    The food on the plate is very funny ^_^ Though I hope you didn’t actually eat that mix for breakfast. Likely to upset one’s stomach. Not that it’d bother me after years of cold Taco Bell and pizza all hours of the day, but I know others have a less than iron-clad tummy.

  2. Ha ha, no definitely not. Although I do push my stomach to it’s limits sometimes with weird food combinations the only thing I had off of this plate was the lemon and honey in a tea.

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