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Sunday Sundae Showdown

Sunday is the best day of the week to eat an ice-cream sundae. It’s probably a proven fact. Since I live with two extreme individuals I turned Sunday Sundae into Sunday Sundae Showdown. 

The first step in the process was creating a mammoth sundae.

I have constructed a diagram to better explain the contents of the concoction.

Starting at the bottom of the bowl we have a pancake topped with a scoop of ice-cream and hot fudge.

Then comes cereal. More ice-cream and hot fudge followed by cookie pieces and more ice-cream topped with whipped cream.

Next a cookie was placed on top and the sundae was then covered in maple syrup.

These two ladies do not take ice-cream eating lightly. They have trained to hone their craft and perfect the art of eating.

Of course this was a showdown; There could only be one winner. Clearly Kristin won while Kaitlynn lost.

It is also now the season of fall food and my birthday! I’m so excited for candy corn, caramel apples, and pumpkin flavored everything.


My mom and sister told me about a recipe they tried. I haven’t tasted it, since they live 400 miles away, but it looks de- wait for it… -licious.

Click here for the recipe!


A Time To Tan

Pale, fair-skinned, delicate, porcelain, glow-in-the-dark, pasty, whatever you want to call it, it’s what I am.

Every summer while everyone else’s skin is dropping a few shades after an hour of sun exposure. While mine shows barely any change in colour after a week at the beach.

It’s fine, I accept it. While the rest of you beautiful people have wrinkles and skin cancer in ten years I’ll be the one mocking you for not wearing the SPF 70 sunscreen made for infants.

While on the subject of beautiful people, my grandmother’s birthday is today. Happy birthday Gammy!  For her birthday I painted a picture of her from an old black and white photograph.

I’ve got to say, Gammy was a babe. And I adore her dress, it’s so cute.

This isn’t oil on masonite like the rest of my paintings, it’s acrylic on canvas.

Beads Grow On Trees And Pants Rip At The Seams

The night was supposed to be relaxed and quite. Lately I haven’t had any nights like this, but I enjoy the spontaneity more anyway. This squid cake, made with chocolate and strawberry cake, was for a surprise party for my very dear friend Betsy.

Instead of eating cake we loaded up in a car and hit the town. Our night of celebrating Betsy’s 20 years of life included (and was not limited to) exploding lighters, partially stolen rebel flag belt buckles, climbing trees, throwing beads, stalking a Greek restaurant, sprinklers, pants ripped at the crotch, piers and lighthouses, drunken middle-aged dancers, a gazebo, and tether ball.

Mostly I just loved spending time with my lovely friend for her birthday.


Piece of Cake

Every time my friends have a birthday I feel inclined to bake a cake.

For Kaitlynn’s birthday I felt like getting fancy, living on the end, mixing it up. Yes, I made a two-layered cake. Be proud.

It’s may look short but I swear it almost fell over many times.

Oh, and she turned 19, not 91.


This birthday cake was perfect for my friend who enjoys computers, math, video games and other things of that nature.

In case you are unaware, this is a game controller. I’m not even sure what kind of game system it’s for.

A friend and I made this using Fun Fetti cake mix, M&Ms and homemade icing.