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Sideshow Steamed Rice

It’s March, therefore it’s March mustache Madness.

I also have recently been reading books about the circus. I love seeing the old pictures of circus animals, fat ladies, trapeze artist and, of course, bearded ladies.

Someone should take me to the Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota.


Avoiding Work

Raise your hand if you have ever procrastinated. I don’t care if you’re in public. Just do it, it makes life more fun.

There are plenty of things I should be doing. These include cleaning, school work, church work, finishing a painting and grocery shopping. Instead I’m playing with my food and blogging.

All week long the weather has been beautiful. I really thought Gainesville would get through an entire week without rain for the first time this semester.

And then I walked outside this morning. I mean it wasn’t like I was walking through 3 foot deep puddles, but still. I just want one week where my hair isn’t affected by humidity.