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A Dash Or This A Pinch Of That

I know, this blog is crammed full of grapefruits. I like grapefruits. What of it?

Before you judge me for going through seven of these fruits in a week you should be aware of the benefits. The grapefruit is rich in vitamins C, B1 and B2. Grapefruit is also a good source of citric acids, potassium and calcium. It is low in calories. It is excellent as an aid in the digestion of meats. When taken before you go to bed, grapefruit is conducive to a sound sleep. It is also good for reducing fevers from colds and the flu. The rind of the grapefruit contains vitamin P, which is an important vitamin for healthy gums and teeth. This fruit can also help hardening of body tissue, which is a good thing.

So there…

Also, for some reason I keep drawing facial hair on things. Again, I know, it’s weird.

I don’t have any fun facts about mustaches as art.


P.S. We cleaned out our refrigerator this week; a lot of crazy, random, old things.


Holiday Treats For The Eyes And Taste Buds

Holidays for my family are an excuse to eat and eat… and eat. All of our traditions revolve around cooking, decorating and eating festive sweets.

For thanksgiving every year those who are lucky enough to dine with me received a pie decorated and baked by myself. This year’s was a mixed berry pie with multicoloured lattice-work and the mathematical symbol for Pi.

Now for the Christmas cookie tradition; many have consumed these cookies but few have participated in the actual decorating. I’m always very proud of my decorated gingerbread men. In the past I’ve constructed zombies, ninjas and pop stars out of dough and frosting. This year, along with Angel, Kaitlynn and our mothers, I went more for the theme of (as Angel would say) “Christmas threw up”.