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In The Summer Time

I’ll be the first person to admit that they hate summer weather. That does NOT mean I hate summer.

Summer is super. It’s the perfect time of year for kayaking, beach, river, hiking, camping and snow cones… and I love all these things.

See? Camping. Also sweet potatoes. I must go through phases with foods. First it was grapefruit then peanut butter then honey and now sweet potatoes.

When it gets too hot I can just stay indoors and paint.

One more lovely thing about summer, it’s far too warm for jeans so I can wear dresses practically every day.

The picture to the left is before.

I semi-sew this dress, I cheated by using the skirt of an old dress.

One last treat for your ears and eyes:


In The Zone, Eating A Scone

Kayla Keeney could be the best person to live with. She loves to cook and bake. I love to eat and blog. We really do have a great partnership.

Today she entered the apartment around 2:30 with three large bags full of groceries and started listing everything she planned to make with them.

By 3:00 we had 12 fresh scones cooling on our countertop.

A mixed berry scone, a cup of coffee, good company and cool weather: it’s been a nice day.



I just started a painting class this semester and I’m pretty jazzed about it.

Fresh foods are usually colourful, like paints, plus I had to buy a new palette so this is what I did with my old one. This is semi reflective of my diet too, ever since I moved out on my own I been eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and sweets. I should probably start eating more meat, or at least start cooking.

Memories In A Bottle

Okay, so this post doesn’t directly involve food. It is however, food related in that I had to consume many beverages in order to get the empty bottles I used for this DIY project.

Every birthday and Christmas there is always that one person who gives you a picture frame. On your graduation day- picture frame, wedding day- picture frame, house warming- picture frame. To be honest I hate picture frames most of the time, they’re boring and take up too much wall and desk space.

My solution for the frame problem came in glass bottles.

Constructing these require no skill whatsoever. Buy a mason jar or soda, eat/drink contents, wash and dry the container, print a picture, roll it up and drop it in.