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Will Work For Food

I love the smell of freshly mowed grass, I also love the smell of sweet strawberries.

As payment for mowing my sister’s lawn, we cooked dinner for our personal lawn fairy.

Lawn fairies love eggplant and strawberry shortcake.

I assume that fairies also like rainbows — or maybe that’s just leprechauns — any way, this dessert is in the form of a rainbow.

We also have the best coffee. If you are near a Harry & David’s, go buy their Witch’s Brew coffee now.



Today, was a bad day in the life of my friend.

Three of my friends and I made him the only meal we knew how to prepare to make him feel better: Italiana (with bacon on top)

After two hours and 20 dollars in groceries, we had a bacon, eggplant and noodle feast. Bon Appetit!