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The End Of An Era

Devotion is planning one month in advance, sewing costumes, buying 20 tickets and waiting in line for seven hours in the rain for a movie. It sounds insane, it is insane, but it is necessary.

I’ve grown up with the Harry Potter series, ever since I was a third grader I’ve been an HP reader and life-long fan. It was only fitting that my friends and I go all out for the midnight premiere.

Two of the guys from our group decided at 5:30 to begin their wait to get prime seats, so I made them a Harry Potter themed paper bag dinner.

The main course: Lightning bolt sandwiches. These were made to resemble Harry’s scar.

Dessert: Crystal ball cookies with fortunes.

And a few extra treats.


Food Face

I love Christmas presents. In particular I love my face place, it makes blogging easier. And it makes lunch more fun.

My lovely roommate, Kaitlynn and I had lunch together: the best mac n’ cheese in the world and tons of green beans. Note the sweet Harry Potter house cups.