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Thar Be The Sweet And Low

O’Zone’s had the best pizza in Pensacola. And now they have a pirate ship made by Taylor and I out of sugar packets floating in a sea of napkin made.


Aside from great eating great pizza I found a huge pumpkin in a market.

I love seeing pumpkins and apple cider, it means Fall is finally here. Baskin Robbin’s has there pumpkin pie ice cream available too. The weather is even feeling like Fall. Tis the season to roll your windows down and wear your scarves.

Yes there is truly nothing like a night with friends drinking cider and stealing mini pumpkins.


31 Flavors

I work at Baskin Robbins and everyday I have someone ask to sample every flavor. They think they are funny.

So to everyone out there that does this, you should know you are not alone and you are not humorous.