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More Cake And More Paintings

Is there any better way to celebrate your 51st birthday than with strawberry cake and spending the day packing, storing and moving everything two girls own? The answer is yes, of course. I’m very grateful to my father and my second father for helping me move. This awesome flamingo cake was a birthday/thank you cake.

The semester is over!

Now I have even more time to paint.

This painting of a bag of coffee didn’t take very long to finish at all. I may have spent around 2 or 2 1/2 hours at the most.


Will Work For Food

I love the smell of freshly mowed grass, I also love the smell of sweet strawberries.

As payment for mowing my sister’s lawn, we cooked dinner for our personal lawn fairy.

Lawn fairies love eggplant and strawberry shortcake.

I assume that fairies also like rainbows — or maybe that’s just leprechauns — any way, this dessert is in the form of a rainbow.

We also have the best coffee. If you are near a Harry & David’s, go buy their Witch’s Brew coffee now.