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Mug Shot



I just started a painting class this semester and I’m pretty jazzed about it.

Fresh foods are usually colourful, like paints, plus I had to buy a new palette so this is what I did with my old one. This is semi reflective of my diet too, ever since I moved out on my own I been eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and sweets. I should probably start eating more meat, or at least start cooking.

Cupa Tea

If you haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World yet, then you should go see it.

I’m not going to go on to rave or write a review of the movie, but there was a part in the movie that reminded me of my own food pantry.

I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee, however, I also love tea. Through the course of a day I’ll probably have two to three cups of coffee and one or two cups of tea.

I like to stay hydrated.

Apple iMage

My apple mug, my apple iPod and apple with the Apple logo carved into it.

There has been some sickness among people in my house to ward off germs and disease, I’m trying this ‘apple a day’ thing to keep doctors away.

Breakfast Time

It rained this morning, which preventing me from going on my daily morning jog so I had a little down time and this is the result.

Since I woke up feeling hungry and lonely I gave my breakfast a face so I could have company.

I’m addicted to grapefruit.  However they are not terribly filling so I added cereal with craisins and a cup of hot tea to the morning mix.