Monthly Archives: January 2011

In The Zone, Eating A Scone

Kayla Keeney could be the best person to live with. She loves to cook and bake. I love to eat and blog. We really do have a great partnership.

Today she entered the apartment around 2:30 with three large bags full of groceries and started listing everything she planned to make with them.

By 3:00 we had 12 fresh scones cooling on our countertop.

A mixed berry scone, a cup of coffee, good company and cool weather: it’s been a nice day.



A Very Happy Unbirthday

The best thing about my new cakes pans is that I can add filling to my mini cakes. Through trial and error I have discovered that you can never go wrong with chocolate, at least that was the feed back I received from eaters.


Most recently I broke out the cake pans to bake this birthday cake for Kristen, although it wasn’t actually her birthday. I like making any given day a day for celebration… or for cake.



I just started a painting class this semester and I’m pretty jazzed about it.

Fresh foods are usually colourful, like paints, plus I had to buy a new palette so this is what I did with my old one. This is semi reflective of my diet too, ever since I moved out on my own I been eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and sweets. I should probably start eating more meat, or at least start cooking.

Food Face

I love Christmas presents. In particular I love my face place, it makes blogging easier. And it makes lunch more fun.

My lovely roommate, Kaitlynn and I had lunch together: the best mac n’ cheese in the world and tons of green beans. Note the sweet Harry Potter house cups.