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A Gift That Gives Back

Name two of the best things that can happen to you before 12 a.m.

If you said have a Thai brunch made for you to eat with friends then getting a huge gift you are correct!

I love being home again and being able to spend more time with the friends I have missed so much. Over brunch at my friend’s house she gave me an easel and paints she’d had for a while and never used.

With the gift that she has given me, I decided to give her a few paintings in return. At the end of the summer she with be leaving for college, so these will be a combination of a thank you/going away/graduation gift. I’ve only finished one so far.

Since this is a food blog as well as an art blog I have to throw these pictures in.


Happy Autumnal Equinox Everyone!

Another Wednesday, another long day of work.

It seems like everyday that I have an opportunity to sleep in someone calls me early or I forgot to close my blinds so the sun wakes me up. Today was one of those up-early-when-you-don’t-have-to-be days.

But none of that matters, not the lack of sleep or the work or anything. Why? Because today is the fist official day of Fall, the best of the four seasons.

This is a potato carved to make prints. I also got a new plate from Target, its super cute right?