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Hoe Downs And Breakfast Goals

If you’re a UF student (especially a senior) then you’re probably working on the F Book.

Documenting the traditions in the F Book will earn you graduation swag. Since I don’t want to walk across the stage with a naked robe I’m getting started now.

My first to cross off: Broward breakfast.

I ate so much gator waffle, oatmeal, bacon, eggs, and coffee coffee coffee.

I love thank you cards, I love cake more. I assume that most people feel the same. In exchange for offering up your house for a party, I’ll most likely give you a cake rather than a card.

And I might make it with pancake syrup. It tastes like a giant panCAKE.

The party was actually a hoe down.


Popin’ 4th

The 4th of July is for celebrating all the wonderful things about America. Freedom, baseball, jazz music and gluttony.

My sister and I made cake pops for an Amurica (yes spelled with a U) themed party, they were pretty much a hit.

We used a  red, white and blue funfetti cake mix made by Pillsbury. That way the pops are American inside and out.

Cake pops are super easy to make.

The first step is to make a cake. Once the cake is cooled you’ll crumble the cake into a bowl, make sure you get rid of all the big chunks.

Next mix in frosting with the cake. Be careful not to add too much so it doesn’t get too thin.

Roll the cake/frosting combination into balls, or whatever shape you’d like. I made a few star-shaped ones and a few flag- shaped ones.

Let the cake freeze for about 20 minutes.

While they are freezing melt baking chocolate in a bowl to dip the cake pops in.

Once fully frozen put the cake balls on a stick then dip them into the chocolate covering the entire cake ball. Freeze the chocolate then decorate!

My friends and I are probably the only people over the age of 20 who still have slip-n-slides at our parties.

For more decorating ideas and recipes for cake balls check out www.bakerella.com

Orange Panda

Daniel (aka Orange Panda) is home for the summer. He got the nickname because of his Asian descent and the fact that he wears the colour orange almost exclusively. Daniel is without a doubt my BFFEAEAE, and with Kaitlynn Floyd, we’re TBF’s.
Upon my arrival to his homecoming soiree he asked if my cupcakes would be blogged. Well Orange Panda, obviously I would blog this.

Another orange thing… my old cat, Cat.

My mother thinks she wants another cat, and if by cat she means dog, then I fully support her.

More Cake And More Paintings

Is there any better way to celebrate your 51st birthday than with strawberry cake and spending the day packing, storing and moving everything two girls own? The answer is yes, of course. I’m very grateful to my father and my second father for helping me move. This awesome flamingo cake was a birthday/thank you cake.

The semester is over!

Now I have even more time to paint.

This painting of a bag of coffee didn’t take very long to finish at all. I may have spent around 2 or 2 1/2 hours at the most.

A Very Happy Unbirthday

The best thing about my new cakes pans is that I can add filling to my mini cakes. Through trial and error I have discovered that you can never go wrong with chocolate, at least that was the feed back I received from eaters.


Most recently I broke out the cake pans to bake this birthday cake for Kristen, although it wasn’t actually her birthday. I like making any given day a day for celebration… or for cake.


Beads Grow On Trees And Pants Rip At The Seams

The night was supposed to be relaxed and quite. Lately I haven’t had any nights like this, but I enjoy the spontaneity more anyway. This squid cake, made with chocolate and strawberry cake, was for a surprise party for my very dear friend Betsy.

Instead of eating cake we loaded up in a car and hit the town. Our night of celebrating Betsy’s 20 years of life included (and was not limited to) exploding lighters, partially stolen rebel flag belt buckles, climbing trees, throwing beads, stalking a Greek restaurant, sprinklers, pants ripped at the crotch, piers and lighthouses, drunken middle-aged dancers, a gazebo, and tether ball.

Mostly I just loved spending time with my lovely friend for her birthday.


The Cake That Saved A Puppy

All I wanted on Friday was a cupcake. I was craving cake so terribly.

Then Saturday my sister, Angel forced my to sit through an episode of cupcake wars. So there I was, with a terrible sweet tooth, watching thousands of cupcakes being baked right in front of me and not being able to eat any of them.

So I drove home and made cupcakes, this is where the tale begins.

By the end of this story I will have eaten only two small cupcakes.

I took about half to my sister’s home and left them for her only to later find that she is “dieting”. Other cupcakes were consumed by friends.

At the end of the day I found myself surrounded by people who seemed like they could use the cupcakes that were rejected by the dieters. So I grabbed a friend and drove toward Angel’s house.

After procuring my platter of cupcakes I headed back towards the potential eaters. And then in the dark of night by a busy road, were the cutest puppies I have ever seen.

In the excitement of pulling over and trying to get the dogs in my car there was a cupcakes casualty. Icing is now smeared on my driver’s window and windshield of my car.

In the end, no puppies went home with me. However I was able to deliver those magical cupcakes to many people.