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Hoe Downs And Breakfast Goals

If you’re a UF student (especially a senior) then you’re probably working on the F Book.

Documenting the traditions in the F Book will earn you graduation swag. Since I don’t want to walk across the stage with a naked robe I’m getting started now.

My first to cross off: Broward breakfast.

I ate so much gator waffle, oatmeal, bacon, eggs, and coffee coffee coffee.

I love thank you cards, I love cake more. I assume that most people feel the same. In exchange for offering up your house for a party, I’ll most likely give you a cake rather than a card.

And I might make it with pancake syrup. It tastes like a giant panCAKE.

The party was actually a hoe down.


I Feel A Little Sick

I consumed so much bacon in so many different forms. Needless to say, my cholesterol level is probably crazy.

Chocolate covered bacon.

Deep fried bacon.

Bacon turtles.

My bacon dinner. Bacon cheese burgers, bacon cheese fries, pasta bacon salad, green beans and bacon, bacon wrapped pineapple, and bacon wrapped sausage.

I didn’t expect anyone to do this, but he ate the bacon jello mold.

Doesn’t he look like a Keebler elf?

Are You Achin’?

My sister is hosting a bacon party tonight.

There are friends coming in from out-of-town, some as far as four hours worth of driving. We even have someone preparing a song about bacon and performing it on guitar for us. We are all rather excited.

What is a bacon party?

Basically it is a gathering of friends and friends of friends. Each guest brings a dish containing bacon (or a meatless substitute for those who do not eat meat).

I hear rumors of chocolate covered bacon. I have chosen to create a jello mold with strips of bacon floating in the center of it.

Really the best part of the whole party isn’t the bacon. My two best friends and I all go to three different colleges and we will all be reunited tonight. Who knew bacon had such mystical powers?